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Holiday Cards with a Touch of Humor

December 16th, 2013

Holiday Cards with a Touch of Humor

So many cards celebrate the serious side of the holidays, not to deny that the real meaning of Christmas and the season is of course a sage and serious one. I thought that it might be nice, however, to show a bit of whimsy, especially in the run-up to and the days ahead of Christmas, itself, when people are caught up in a bit of a frenzy. All we want is to make sure things get done on schedule, with all presents and cards accounted for, and to finally be able to relax after the pre-get-together tasks are achieved. Who needs the weather to get in the way?

This little card, done in black and white, hopefully expresses at least one of the many facets to this beautiful, exciting, and meaningful holiday. I have one or two done in the same slightly humorous way, along with a variety of wide-ranging images that all express the season. Feel free to have a look, set a spell, put your feet up, and maybe be inspired to buy a card or two!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!