New York City Photos by Miriam Danar







Miriam Danar

New York City Photos by Miriam Danar

East side, west side, all around the town.


Welcome to Mimi Shoots New York,Gotham City at its finest.

Here you'll find fifties-style noir and sparkling city vistas (with a touch of spice and romance).

I love shooting New York. Life happens and it's my job to be ready, inspired by those magnificent Magnum photographers and the great Life Magazine, itself.

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Have fun at Mimi Shoots New York, and enjoy the hunt, as well.

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For details on my artistic adventures, take a look at the About section. Most importantly, I hope my pictures make a connection with you. Nothing could make me happier.

Mimi Shoots New York - Gotham City at its finest.

All images copyright 1990-2017 Miriam Danar. All rights reserved.

Subways of New York

Old New York

Black and White

Carnivals and Street Fairs

My First Film - Manhattan Montage

Street Portraits


Childhood Favorites


Boats Ships Harbors and Water


Vermeer Series

Vintage NY Nostalgia

Boss Gifts - What to Get

Photo Illustration

Picture Panels

Grand Central Station

Churches And Houses of Worship

Puddle Pictures and Reflections

Hopper-esque Series

Tee-Shirts Only

Winter in New York


Stained Glass Effect

Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold


Chrysler Building

New York Noir

Times Square

People of New York

Fire Engines FDNY

Drawings Illustrations Sketches

Christmas Lights of New York

New York in Perspective

Central Park

Romance of the City

Mad Men 1960s 50s 70s Gallery

The Charm of Chinatown Soho and Little Italy - Neighborhoods of New York City

On the Road - Cars Trucks Taxis

Holiday Cards

Valentine's Day

NYPD - NY Police Dept

Surreal and Shadows



Autumn and Fall

Graffiti and Street Art

Still Life

Landmarks of New York

Gift Ideas - Mother's Day & Year-Round